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Introduction to the Revolutionary Theory of Medicine (in colloquial form) by Mokichi Okada


  An Introduction to the Creation of Civilization from the Collection of Medical Essays by Mokichi Okada


  A Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven, published by Johrei Medicine Association
 It has been slightly edited to make it easier to read than

 Medicine (Oral Translation)




    From the Editor.


  As the title indicates, the contents of this book are selected from the book "A Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven" published in 1986 (first published on February 5, 1986) as a colloquial translation of "Introduction" to the Creation of Civilization from the collection of medical treatises by Shokichi Okada. This is a simplified colloquial translation of the book, which I (himaari) have proofread slightly to make it easier for modern people to understand.

 However, the content is the same as the original, and it is an editorial proofreading of speech and phrases. It is not essentially the same as the original.


This book is based on the "Medicine" section of Mokichi Okada's works. Before and after the "Medical Science", there are "Epoch" and "Religion", but these are omitted.

There are several reasons for this, but the first reason is that I want you to read it without preconceptions and with a clean slate. I have found that religious and spiritual stories are often misleading, so I would like you to read them without any preconceptions.

  (In this day and age, there are some arguments that are not necessarily true, and we need to make a choice. The original is available on the market, please check it by yourself.

What is important is not to take everything at face value and to do research from a third party's point of view. In other words, I hope that the readers will be able to make their own choices from their own standpoint.


Mr. Mokichi Okada was a religious person. However, I would like researchers to study him not as a "believer" but as a "third party". Naturally, there will be criticism and choices to be made.


In this book, there are many references to "Johrei" as a healing method, but I would like you to ignore it and focus on the disease and health.

The reason for this is that the treatment method of Johrei medicine was demonstrated through Mokichi Okada at that time, so it is difficult to say that it has the same effect at the present time. (I can't verify that.)

The other reason is that if we insist on the fact that it is a religious organization founded by Mokichi Okada, we are going in the wrong direction. This is because after the death of Mr. Okada, it was split up into many different groups, and the effectiveness of the treatment must be investigated from an independent standpoint.

I am going to write a book on the actual practice of Johrei-ho in another place, but first of all, I would like you to use it as a pure medical theory for your research.


I think it would be a good idea to add the Okada method of Johrei health care, including many modern therapies and health theory, to the book.

 The Okada method of Johrei healing is one of the materials to be added to the list.

The important thing is to find something better for yourself.


 This is where we start with Shokichi Okada's theory of medicine.

  It starts in the middle of the book.

 As for the content of the book, it was written at that time (1950, 1945 - late 1950), so it is a medicine centered disease etiology, as there were not so many toxic substances as there are today.


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