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What is a disease?  The common cold.


 What is a disease?   The common cold.


 I will try to explain about the disease. The modern medicine has advanced the materialistic treatment of the human body by considering the human body as material only. That is why I will do so.


 First of all, the common cold is a disease that most people experience.

However, the cause of this cold is still unknown in medical science today, and it has only recently been discovered that it is caused by an airborne infection of viruses or allergic reactions, which is a problem-free explanation in my view. There is no doubt that this explanation will become meaningless in the near future.


Medical science recognizes that humans are born with a variety of inborn toxins. For example, smallpox, measles, whooping cough, etc., and there are many more toxins that are not yet known.

Those toxins, by the way, have a natural physiological effect and try to be excreted out of the body. This is what we call the "purifying action".


At first the toxins gather and accumulate in various parts of the body. In this case, the more the nerves are used, the more they gather. When we use our nerves the most, it is in the upper part of the body, especially near the brain. While we are awake, our hands and feet may rest, but the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth don't have any rest.


It is not only the shoulders, neck, lymph glands, and parotid glands, but the brain is the main place where the toxins gather and accumulate.

In this way, the toxins accumulated in various parts of the body gradually congeal over time. When this clotting reaches a certain level, the toxins are then eliminated.


This is the reason why we can see the blessings of nature here. Because of the clotting, the circulation of blood becomes poor and the neck and shoulders become stiff, headache, heaviness of the head, diminished eyesight, dullness of the ears, nasal congestion, dulled sense of smell, pyorrhea of the teeth, shortness of breath, laxity of the limbs, back pain, edema, etc., and the activity power declines. That is why the Creator created the cleansing effect of disease.


Therefore, the Creator created a considerable "purifying action" called illness. If the pain of the elimination of toxins is a disease as shown on the right, then the disease is the blood-cleansing action, the most necessary thing for health, and the greatest of God's blessings.


 Therefore, if we removed the disease from humanity, we would become weaker and weaker, and we might perish at last.


However, since I am saying that I will create a world without disease, it may seem like a strange thing, but the meaning of this is fundamentally different.

If human beings are free of toxins, there will be no need for purification, so there will be no more diseases. From now on, I will try to explain to you as clearly and thoroughly as possible.


 Returning to the topic at hand, I have called the elimination of coagulation toxin (coagulated toxin) the "purifying action".

Nature makes the elimination of congealed toxins (hardened toxins) as easy as possible by dissolving them in heat and liquefying them. This liquid toxin quickly enters the lungs, which is truly a mystery, for example, when we dissolve the congealed toxin through our "purification" (this is the name of the treatment), the liquid toxin enters the lungs. The toxins are found in every part of the body. The toxins are found in various parts of the body and the symptoms may be mild in one or two places, but the severity of the disease increases as the number of areas increases. This is the reason why a cold that seemed to be mild at first becomes more serious.


  In the case of thicker poison, it stays in the lungs for a while and is excreted through the trachea after waiting for the pumping action of coughing. You can tell by the fact that coughing is always followed by sputum. The same principle applies to sneezing, which is followed by nasal discharge.

A headache, sore throat, otitis media, lymphadenitis, and pain in the joints of the limbs and glands are all caused by poisonous nodules in the area, which begin to move to seek an outlet. This is because it stimulates the nerves.


In this way, the venom (dissolved venom) is thick and thin. The thicker ones are like sputum, nasal discharge, and diarrhea, while the very thin ones are like water and are excreted through sweat and urine. In this way, the purification process is the most natural and rational, and we can't help but admire the wonderful divine skill of the Creator.


 God, the Creator, cannot give us illnesses and other things that cause us pain and interfere with our activities after creating us. They should be healthy all the time, but they produce toxins and accumulate them due to their wrong thoughts, so they are forced to eliminate them.

That is the nature of diseases. If we let a cold go untreated and let it go naturally, it will be completely purified, cured smoothly and health will increase.

According to this principle, if we try to catch colds as much as possible, we can get rid of such unpleasant diseases as tuberculosis.


However, for some strange reason, we have interpreted this purifying action in the opposite way since some time ago. So when the disease occurs, it tries to stop the purification process as much as possible. After all, it mistook the pain of purification for the pain of aggravation, which is unbearable.


That is why they try to lower the fever. When the fever is lowered, the dissolution of the poisonous substance (a mass of toxins) is stopped, so coughs, phlegm, and all other symptoms are lessened or reduced. It is just as if the disease were cured.


To put it simply, the poisonous substance (a lump of toxins) that has just begun to dissolve will be hardened to its original state. The method of solidification is the medical treatment.

Water cooling, poultices, and injections of drugs are all methods of medical treatment. However, the fact is that it is like pressing down on the hands that are trying to clean the body, which is proven by the facts.



It is often said that colds often get complicated because when the human body tries to purify itself, it tries to stop the purification process, which means the friction between the purification process and the cessation of the purification process lasts longer. It's easy to see that even if a person is cured of a cold, it always comes back after a while.


As a result, the medical treatment is not a way to cure the disease, but a way to postpone it without curing it.


Therefore, a true cure is to have the toxins excreted out of the body, and the body is purified (the body is cleaned) and the cause of the disease is completely eliminated.


Therefore, there is no real medical treatment other than to make the solidified toxins dissolve faster and excrete more toxins out of the body when purification takes place.



 Let's take a parable about the right principle. For example, let's say you are in debt. It is hard to pay it all at once, so you borrow money with interest from others and pay it back for the time being. Then, since the due date has come again, the debt is borrowed again and it escapes temporarily, and the interest increases in addition to the principal (the money borrowed at the beginning), the bill becomes severe, and it becomes impossible to repay it more and more. Therefore, the lender doesn't approve, and although the foreclosure and the appeal for bankruptcy are also done, the lender finally cannot repay it and goes bankrupt.


In other words, the common cold is the same as this one, and when the first repayment period comes, even if it's painful, if you pay it off, it's all right, but if you increase the debt because it's painful, it's a temporary reprieve. That is the main treatment method using drugs. Therefore, every time you drag it out, the amount of drug poisoning increases and you will finally be charged for it at one time. This is pneumonia.

 However, the landlord also considers the other party's inability to pay at one time and makes a slower claim. You can think of this as tuberculosis.

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