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Pneumonia and tuberculosis (肺炎と結核の原理)


 Pneumonia and tuberculosis



 It goes without saying that the diseases most closely related to the common cold are pneumonia and tuberculosis. In particular, it is necessary to explain them sufficiently because they are probably the most distressing diseases in Japan nowadays.

The first cause of pneumonia and tuberculosis is, of course, the common cold.

 As I explained in the previous section, various methods are used to stop medical treatment as much as possible after the purifying effect of the common cold has occurred. Among them, drugs and ice cold are the most dangerous.


Originally, all drugs are poisonous. As I have already explained, it is because they are most effective in stopping the purifying action.


 As I have explained before, it is the "natural benevolent force" that we are born with to eliminate toxins from our body.

Therefore, depending on the strength of this "Natural Vigilance", the purification power can also be weak or strong. This is one of the reasons why tuberculosis is more common among young people than among adolescents, because their purifying power is strong. This is also the reason why tuberculosis decreases from mature to old age.


When a disease occurs, medical science tries to stop the purification process as much as possible.

The best way to do that is to weaken the body's physical strength.


The only way to do this was to put poison into the body, which would weaken the body's physical strength, which in turn would weaken the purification process and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the disease.


  Ice cooling (cooling with ice) is bad because it reduces the heat used to remove toxins, which weakens the purification process and hardens the body back to its original state, which in turn reduces the amount of pain.

Of course, the same thing happens with poultices. The only difference is that the human body constantly breathes through the capillaries in the skin, so choking the capillaries stops the cleansing of the body and eases the symptoms.

 Particularly nowadays, injections are in vogue, but since there is a risk of poisoning if strong medicines are administered, they are administered through the skin.

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 When a person catches a cold, as in the case of a cold, some of the toxins in the body will be reduced, but most of them will remain and re-consolidate, and new toxins will be added, so that every time a person catches a cold, the number of toxins will increase to a certain extent, and when the toxins reach a certain level, a purifying activity will occur at once.

This is pneumonia, which is based on the principle of debt as described in the previous section, and the peculiarity of pneumonia is that a large amount of sputum accumulates in the lungs, which causes severe wheezing sound.
The wheezing sound is a crack of sputum as the alveoli move with each breath.

Dyspnea is also caused by the fact that the volume of sputum in the lungs shrinks due to the large amount of sputum in the lungs, and therefore, frequent breathing is necessary to obtain the necessary amount of air.
According to this principle, in the case of pneumonia, if the patient is left to heal naturally without any kind of treatment, only the sputum will come out and the patient will be cured smoothly.


 On the other hand, the medical science tries to stop the cleansing process by any means possible. Above all, the medical treatment of pneumonia is to use strong medicine. That's because the poison is so strong that it is powerful enough to stop the purification. The synergistic effect of the strong purification and the exhaustion of physical strength caused by the strong cessation of purification will cause the death of the patient, which is a debilitating event.


 As shown on the right, pneumonia is a powerful cleansing agent because one's physical strength is very strong. Tuberculosis is a disease of weakness.

When doctors diagnose a new patient for the first time, among various methods, radiographs are the most definitive tool today. This is because it shows a cloud or hollow space in the lungs, which is determined to be tuberculosis, but medical science does not know the cause of the disease.

So I will try to explain the cause of tuberculosis, but as mentioned in the explanation of the common cold, when the toxin, which initially became a liquid, invades and stagnates in the lungs, as a result of purifying and stopping the process as much as possible, the sputum is not excreted and remains in the lungs, and as the days go by, it becomes solidification.
Since this is a cloud cover, it can be said that this is an entirely human-caused phenomenon (man-made).


 Therefore, there is not the slightest abnormality in the lungs when the liquid first enters the body. If the location of hardened phlegm is relatively high, it is called a catarrh of the pulmonary apex or pulmonary portal gland.

It's similar to that, but it's also called pulmonary infiltration. The toxins that have accumulated and hardened near the ribs or in the area of the ribs can be cleansed and dissolved and infiltrated into the lungs, which can lead to sputum (spitting phlegm).


 Once a patient has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, medical treatment is the same as for the common cold, and the patient should be treated by stopping the purification process as much as possible. The one that is most effective for this is the resting method, which is being practiced with great enthusiasm these days. However, this resting method is a peculiarity.

If a healthy person stays in bed for a month, he will lose his appetite and stamina due to lack of exercise, and he will become pale and visibly weak and short of breath even if he moves a little. They become pale and visibly weak, and even if they move a little, they become short of breath.
On top of that, the patient is given poisoning and fed a lot of animal protein for nourishment, which are all methods of increasing the level of weakness.

 As a result of performing the debilitating method in this way, the purifying power decreases as planned, the symptoms decrease and the patient finally becomes fever-free, and there is no more cough and sputum. Since the patient is not really cured, when some kind of cleansing occurs, the patient suddenly gets worse, falls into a serious condition, and sometimes dies. This is a fact that doctors often experience.

Therefore, medical science does not say that the disease can be cured. As you can see, it is called "hardening".
If the patient is ill and does a little bit of exercise, he or she will immediately develop a fever. It is a good thing that the doctor is in a hurry to warn you, but this is only because the cleansing that had temporarily subsided due to exercise has started again.
It's a good thing that you are not just a part of a group of people, but also a part of a community.


As you can understand from the above, it is not too much to say that medical treatment is increasing the number of tuberculosis cases, and it is not too much to say that today's medical treatment is wrong.


 Here is a very important point to note about the tuberculosis bacillus. Medical science dismisses Mycobacterium tuberculosis as contagious, which is not always the case, but for the most part it is naturally occurring.

As mentioned before, when sputum first invades the lungs, medical treatment is designed to prevent the sputum from coming out of the lungs by clotting it, so that the sputum decomposes over time and microorganisms are produced. This is the tubercle bacillus. The phlegm has a foul smell and is very sticky.

Try to think about it. If a substance becomes old, it will decay, and if it decays, microbes will spring up. On top of that, the favorable conditions of body temperature also help. When you look at it this way, the first time you have a cold, when the sputum accumulates in the lungs, you can get rid of it as much as possible.

If you try your best not to let it out, it can cause the sputum to rot, and the fungus can eat away at the cells and even create a hollow in the lungs. Unless we awaken to this truth, it is impossible to know how many more patients we will see in the future.
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そうして医師が初めての患者を診断する場合、種々の方法の中、今日最も決定的とされているものはレントゲン写真であります。これは肺臓内の雲翳(かげり) 又は空洞が写るからで、これをみて結核と断定しますが、医学はこれは何が原因であるかということを知りません。



















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