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What is a disease? (病気とはなんぞや?)


  What is a disease?


 In a nutshell, disease is the excretion of impurities that should not be inside the body. Therefore, as long as there is no filth in the body, the circulation of blood is good, and we can be healthy and energetic all year round without disease.

The blood circulation of blood is good, and the body is healthy and healthy all year round with no diseases. There are many reasons why people started using such disease-causing drugs.

So, people searched for food and gathered as much as they could and ate as much as they could. However, there was no way to tell the good from the bad, so they tried to satisfy their appetite, which led to poisoning, which they called "sickness". So I tried eating the bark of plants and roots to try to get rid of the pain.

They tried eating the bark of plants and roots in an attempt to alleviate the pain, but some of them happened to be able to alleviate the pain, so they named it "medicine" and were thankful for it.

The famous discoverer of the medicine is "Ban Koshi" who appeared in the Han dynasty of China and is the originator of the Chinese herbal medicine called "Shen Nong Shin Nong", which is too famous.

 The pain caused by the poisoning of the food is, of course, due to its purifying effect, and the effect of the medicine is to stop the release of the poison, which eases the pain and makes it easier to cure the disease. There is no reason to be surprised.


In the West, people extracted medicines from all kinds of things other than herbs, roots and bark, and it is the same today. It is amazing that the idea of curing diseases with medicines has not changed at all from the wisdom of humans in the primitive era, even today, when culture has opened up.


 Now, let me explain about the actual illnesses, because the common cold is one of the most common diseases that we all suffer from.

First of all, a common cold is preceded by a fever, followed by headache, sputum and cough, sweating, knot pains, and lethargy, among other symptoms.


However, medical science that does not know the principle of this phenomenon will try to stop it, which is a serious mistake.

Let me explain the reason in detail.


In other words, if there are toxins in the human body, they interfere with the functioning of the body, and nature will eliminate them when they exceed a certain level.

The elimination of toxins means that toxins are dissolved by heat and excreted out of the body in the form of sputum, nasal discharge, sweat, urine, diarrhea, etc. If we can tolerate only a small amount of pain during the elimination process, the purification process will proceed smoothly, and thus the amount of toxins will decrease and our health will increase.


However, medical science interprets pain as a phenomenon that impairs the functions of the body and tries to stop it as much as possible as a result of interpreting it in a negative sense.


The more vitality is strong, the easier it is to have a "purifying effect".


It's not surprising that the symptoms of the disease are reduced when the body is weakened, but in reality, it's nothing more than ignorance. The most effective way to weaken it is with medicine.

In other words, the poison called medicine is used to weaken it.


The human body uses heat to dissolve the toxin into a liquid form, which stimulates the nerves in an attempt to excrete it. This is pain and suffering, but when and how did we make a mistake, we interpret it as aggravation and try to harden it back to normal so that it does not melt.

That's what ice cold, poultices, antipyretics, etc., are, in fact, amazingly ignorant of the situation.

It's not about curing the disease, it's about keeping it from being cured.

They mistakenly thought of temporary relief of pain as a healing process.


However, as I mentioned before.

Because the very means of alleviating the pain is the cause of the disease.

This is a serious problem.

In other words, since medicine is a method of blocking and defeating a natural disease, which is a blessing to improve health, this ignorant thing is out of the question. The word "fighting disease," as it is often called nowadays, may have been derived from this meaning.



 When you have the common cold, as you see on the right, toxins that are going to be excreted are stopped and medicinal poison is added to the body. It is natural that the result will be a stronger cleansing this time than before.


The proof is that few people catch a cold and then get well all at once. Most people catch colds when the weather changes, and many of us catch colds as a chronic illness, so if you are one of those people who read this book, you may agree with me.


In this way, there is nothing as simple as the common cold to cleanse the human body, and nothing is more gratifying than the common cold.


However, the old saying, "A cold is the basis of all diseases," has never been more true.


The reason why the number of tuberculosis patients has been increasing in recent years is because we need to prevent people from catching a cold and prevent them from releasing toxins even if they catch a cold.

Therefore, to prevent tuberculosis, it is important to encourage people to avoid catching a cold. If we do so, the TB problem will be solved for no reason. Since people don't know this, it is natural that more and more people will take the opposite approach.


 As shown on the right, there are two causes of toxin solidification, congenital and acquired.

Hereditary toxins are hereditary medicinal poisoning and acquired toxins are introduced into our bodies after we are born.


However, these two types of poisons are concentrated and congealed in the areas where the nerves are used.

The places where people use their nerves the most are the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and other parts of the upper body, especially the brain.

If you look around the neck and shoulders of a person, you will find that the toxins are concentrated in the neck area. There are very few people who don't have clots there. Headache, heavy-headedness, stiffness of the neck and shoulders, ringing in the ears, eye mucus, nasal discharge, sputum and phlegm, and leaking of pus in the alveolar cavity, etc. are the reasons for this.

However, when the poisonous lump of blood exceeds a certain level, a natural cleansing effect occurs, the physical strength becomes more active due to exercise, and the natural adaptation is triggered by a drastic change in climate, which leads to a cold.

Next is "sneezing." This is a pumping action that releases toxins in the medulla oblongata of the back of the nose that have become liquid, and if you understand this principle, you will understand that it is very much in line with the actual situation.


If we understand this theory, we can safely let the common cold happen naturally, and our body becomes clean and smooth and heals quickly. None.


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 いよいよこれから病気に付いての一切を解説する順序となりましたが、そもそも病気とは何かといいますと、一言にしていえば、体内にあってはならない汚物の泄作用であります。従いまして、体内に 汚物(汚い物)さえなければ血行(血のめぐり)はよく、無病息災で年中はつらつとして元気で活動が出来るのであります。


























































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