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 Lung Disease and Drug Poisoning (肺患と薬毒)


 Lung Disease and Drug Poisoning


 It is important to note that pneumothorax is one of the most effective methods of tuberculosis treatment at present. When there is a hollow space in the lung, the activity of the lung is slowed down in order to shrink it as much as possible by shrinking the alveoli.
In other words, the method of resting in the lungs would cause the cavity's cause, dense sputum (thick sputum), to clump together, and the cavity would shrink, and it would appear to have been cured for a time, but when it came to living a normal life, a second purification would take place, and in most cases, the lungs would be restored to their original state of health. If this is the case, it is only natural that this is not a fundamental treatment.


 Lung gangrene is a symptom in which a boil appears in the middle of the pulmonary membrane of the lung organ.
This is also a form of cleansing, but medicine will stop the cleansing process, so it will not heal for long. Finally, the disease ends up being unsuccessful.


 In addition, miliary tuberculosis is a kind of skin rash, and it is also a purification process.


 Lung cancer is caused by eating a lot of meat, and a kind of toxin in the meat makes the blood cloudy, and the toxin accumulates in the lungs, resulting in a hard swelling.

 However, the symptoms of this disease are persistent and prolonged in nature. The cause of this disease is the lack of a vegetable diet, and it can be cured simply by eating lots of vegetables. The fact that this disease is more prevalent in Western people, who eat a lot of meat, shows that this disease is very common.

In the case of measles, pneumonia is often associated with the disease, but this is nothing at all. However, this is because measles appears in the alveoli and reduces the space in the lungs, so the disease will be cured in two or three days if it is left as it is.


 The second disease related to tuberculosis is laryngeal tuberculosis, which occurs in the last stage of tuberculosis. It is characterized by hoarseness of voice and difficulty in swallowing (swallowing) when eating due to pain in the throat. The reason for this is that when the phlegm goes through the throat of throat, the phlegm is very poisonous so it irritates the mucous membrane of the wind pipe and throat and causes catarrh (bad condition), this phlegm is the oldest and the way of decay is also very bad. This phlegm is the oldest and the way it is rotten is also very bad, so the phlegm will not be cured for a long time. When the doctor found out that it was tuberculosis of the larynx, he would always spoon it away.


 Tuberculosis of the intestine is a symptom of intestinal tuberculosis, in which numerous nodules form on the navel and all over the belly. Of course, it hurts when I press on it, so I know it well and there is always some heat. These clots are dissolved by heat and come out as diarrhea almost every day, but of course these clots are the solidified ones of the medicinal poison, so they cannot be cured unless I stop taking the medicine. Doctors are also afraid of this disease because of the diarrhea, which makes the disease more debilitating.


 Lastly, I would like to explain the reason why tuberculosis is more persistent and cannot be cured than other diseases. Once a patient has tuberculosis, he or she will take various drugs into his or her body from the beginning, as long as the drugs are the main source of treatment.

The poisonous drugs will contaminate the body, so there is no cure at the end. If it becomes so, even the phlegm smells like medicines, which is a terrible mistake.

I used to treat such patients, but the purpose of the treatment was only to get rid of medicinal poisoning. The purpose of this treatment is simply to get rid of the poison. There is no doubt that patients get well as the poison is reduced. However, this method of getting rid of drugs is the Johrei method that I discovered.

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